Need a company name for your startup…here are the best business name generator tools

Need a company name for your startup…here are the best business name generator tools

Any startup is like a baby, growing it from a tiny idea into a venture is a big deal. What is even bigger is choosing an attractive name that will capture your potential customer’s attention. It is like choosing a name for your child; you need to come up with an identity that your brand will carry around as long as it lasts. To do this easily, you require the services of a creative business name generator. It is always difficult to create a brand name that will not only be unique but must please everyone else. It is wise to choose a short, simple and memorable name for your company. Discussed below are few creative business name generator tools.

· Name Mesh

Name Mesh is one of the most ideally business name generators. All you need is to come up with as many keywords as possible, and it will create several options. However, how much you might be anxious for your startup to be established, take time to brainstorm your keywords to avoid shoddy names. After you are done with keywords, key in and Name Mesh will work its magic. It even makes work easier for you by sorting out standard, short and mixed choices for your brand.

· Business name generator

Business name generator is another creative business name generator that produces a list of charming names if you key in a couple of keywords. It is a useful tool that automatically checks with GoDaddy for domain name availability.

· FreshBooks

FreshBooks is another creative business branding tool I can vouch for. Mostly, it focuses on account software, but it offers a platform to create business names. Its main advantage is that it allows you to choose the type of your industry first. You will be surprised by the kind of options it can generate. You can quickly create your dream business name using FreshBooks.

· WordLab

This business name generator can even help you brainstorm for keywords if you have no idea where to start. It creates random names, which is not bad for a start. With the random ideas, you can choose a business name that fits your products and services. It might not meet your expectations, but it will inevitably create a base for your options. The fact that it has two generators to guide you create a domain name that matches your business name makes it more effective.


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